And the winner is – Sydney!

Most Sydney-siders will tell you there is nowhere else in the world they would rather live.  While Canberra boasts the title of the capital of Australia, many would argue that Sydney is the centre of the Australian universe.  Sydney, the harbour city, is truly magnificent to behold from the right vantage point.  From Bondi Beach to the Opera House, we all have our own images that come to mind when we think of the New South Wales capital.  But how about living here?  Moreover, how about building a new home here, either off the plan or from a house and land package provider?  Let’s see what you’ve got ahead of you if you decide to make the big move to the big smoke.


Living in Sydney

To understand Sydney you need to understand the very well defined areas that make up the city.  There are 16 unofficial areas of Sydney including the City, Canterbury-Bankstown, and Eastern suburbs, The Forest, Hills District, Inner West, Macarthur, Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, Upper North Shore, Northern Suburbs, South Western Sydney, Southern Sydney, St George, Western Sydney and Greater Western Sydney. Each area has its own distinct feel, flavour and profile, making Sydney as a whole, arguably the most multicultural city in the country. You’ve probably heard it’s pretty expensive to live in Sydney and in some ways that is true. If you’re renting, a big chunk of your weekly wages will be spent on your accommodation. But if you’re in the market to buy, particularly a brand new home, Sydney is well and truly open for business. 

The northern and eastern suburbs are the most affluent and if you’re looking for land to build, however there aren’t too many opportunities left.  If you do find a parcel of land, do not expect a bargain! The Eastern suburbs, between the CBD and the beach, are the most expensive. But if you’re willing to go approximately 15 kilometres out of the city, you’ll still be able to find some good opportunities, even though the market is pretty high right now. The further west you can go, the better the value, especially for house and land packages.

When looking for things to do in Sydney, you are well and truly spoilt for choice.  From cultural pursuits at the museums, art galleries, theatres and of course the Opera House to the parks, beaches, zoo and aquarium you’ll never be bored when you live in Sydney!

Sydney’s public transport is good and getting better.  The city rail network services most of greater Sydney with 178 stations, including four airport lines. Buses are also reliable and accessible. 

As the most populated city in Australia, you can be sure there are plenty of excellent schools, (both state and private), colleges and universities from which to choose.


Buying off the plan in Sydney

The first thing you need to do, and do well, if you’re considering buying off the plan is to make sure you’re choosing a reputable developer.  Get as much information as you can from the developer about the property and always have the conditions of the contract checked by a solicitor or conveyancer.  Make sure you know who holds the deposit, what happens if the property is not completed on time and that the council has approved the DA before you go ahead with the sale. By signing with a reputable developer, these things should not be an issue but you can never be too careful – especially with something as important as buying a new home. 

Once you’re satisfied all the checks and balances are in place, you can be secure in the knowledge that at the end of construction, your property may be worth more than what you agreed to pay when you placed your ten per cent deposit.  You will also have had time to save money during the construction period.  Stamp duty savings are another bonus when it comes to buying off the plan.


House and land opportunities in Sydney

Like buying off the plan, you need to make sure you choose a reputable house and land package provider so you get all the advantages and security that come from experienced builders.  By choosing a national house and land package provider you will reap the benefits of national buying power.  A good question to ask your provider is whether they use local builders and suppliers who know how to get the job done efficiently in your area.  Again, make sure the pricing options are clear from the outset.  You don’t want to be stung by any hidden costs. 

When you start looking at packages, make sure you’ve got plenty of designs to choose from as well as a good selection of package levels so you end up with exactly the sort of house you’ve been dreaming of.  Buying a house and land package will also save you huge dollars on stamp duty. Depreciation is better with anything new, which will be to your advantage if the home is an investment property.  And when the time comes for open the door, you want it to be turnkey ready so you can just move on in! 

Whether you choose to buy off the plan or look at the latest house and land package opportunities, new homes in Sydney are an investment in lifestyle and can only increase in value over the years.

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