5 Frequently Asked Questions from First Home Buyers

As one of Australia’s most recognisable new home builders, Dixon Homes offer exceptional value for money and quality new homes at prices that are attractive and affordable for first home buyers. We understand that the process of buying a home can be daunting however taking the property plunge will ultimately help you secure your future. There are many questions first home buyers have and below are some of the most common asked by home buyers when it comes to buying, building or financing their new home. Continue reading

How to find the best broker – 8 Tips to find new home finance

There is no doubt that comparing loans against one another can be difficult with the true cost of the loan often being hidden among enticing benefits, or other incentives. With mortgage brokers working for both you, and their commissions, it’s hard to know if the deal is best for them or you. There is a lot to consider when finding the home loan that is right for you, and Dixon Homes explain more in this post.  Continue reading