First Home Buyers – Tips To Buying Your First Property In Sydney

There is no denying the fact that housing affordability in Sydney is a growing issue for many first home buyers.  The situation is rather complex and involves many concerns.  There is the fact that young Australians simply cannot afford to purchase a new home in a suburb they dream of calling home.  Then of course there is the need to ensure that the chosen location is not only close to transport but amenities and creature comforts.  Let’s not forget too that some areas within Sydney simply rarely see land become available.  So what options are there for first home buyers looking to buy their first home in Sydney? Here’s one idea that is sure to be considered smart!

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How to Find the Right Home

Home hunting can be somewhat of an arduous task – quite often it seems as though the options are limitless, yet none are a perfect fit. There are many factors that constitute an ideal home and to locate such a house, it is essential that buyers take these into account. The simplest and most successful way in which to find the right home is to consult a suitable home builder to either inspect the house and land packages they offer, or have one built to your specifications and standard of quality. Should you wish to pursue this course of action, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind.

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Effective Ways to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Sydney Home

When it comes time to consider building in Sydney, a new home on a property you already own, one of the hardest aspects to decide upon is the floor plan. You’ve no doubt found the home that looks exactly as you dreamed your new home would, and have plenty of ideas on how you plan to fit it out with décor and furniture, but what layout will work best?

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Building A New House In Sydney? Hot Suburbs To Call Home

Sydney is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks and those fortunate enough to have a Sydney-suburb postcode, wouldn’t trade it for anything. The area is so multi-faceted. With great shopping, beaches and natural surrounds it’s no wonder this region of New South Wales is home to enormous employment opportunities and properties with price tags to match. If Sydney is an area you’re keen to call home, let’s look at the hottest suburbs that will accommodate your dream home and match your budget.

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New Home Prices in Sydney – Building On A Small Block With a Big View

Land in Sydney is not always your typical shape or size. There are many suburbs where allotments are rather narrow and steeply sloped which can potentially result in difficulty finding the perfect home to build. Many of Sydney’s oldest suburbs weren’t planned, they just kind of “happened” as settlers came. What does that mean for new home prices in Sydney? It means that you need to choose a new home that suits the block. Luckily Dixon Homes have plenty of solutions to offer when building a new home, no matter what land you own or what unconventional features it brings.

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Moving To Sydney With Kids – Key Reasons Your Family Will Thrive Here

You cannot deny that kids who live in Sydney are really able to experience the best of both worlds; culture, theatre, beaches, fun, sun and world-class education. If you are thinking about moving to Sydney to take up a work opportunity or simply to give your family a new start, there is so much to love about this city, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move earlier.

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The Sydney Property Market is Set to Boom!

The Sydney property market is booming and all indicators show that things are not likely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, with demand so high and vacancy rates low, owning a property in this most attractive city in Australia is going to offer much financial benefit. So what is it that makes Sydney such a popular area and what is the best way to capitalise on this hot market?

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And the winner is – Sydney!

Most Sydney-siders will tell you there is nowhere else in the world they would rather live.  While Canberra boasts the title of the capital of Australia, many would argue that Sydney is the centre of the Australian universe.  Sydney, the harbour city, is truly magnificent to behold from the right vantage point.  From Bondi Beach to the Opera House, we all have our own images that come to mind when we think of the New South Wales capital.  But how about living here?  Moreover, how about building a new home here, either off the plan or from a house and land package provider?  Let’s see what you’ve got ahead of you if you decide to make the big move to the big smoke.

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What goes into a ‘sustainable’ home?

Those in the building industry are not the only ones who have heard about ‘sustainable buildings.’ It’s a building trend that’s here to stay and one that is dictating how new homes are built. That’s why all of Dixon Homes designs meet the 6 star energy rating helping to minimise our impact on the environment which also offers our customers ongoing savings on their home operating costs.

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Deciding Whether to Build a Double Storey Home

Our customers here at Dixon Homes have more than 1600 individual home designs to choose from. Based on their needs however, not all home designs may be suited to the block of land and sometimes it’s necessary to build upwards instead of outwards. This is becoming increasingly common, especially in Sydney as the average block size has decreased.

In other circumstances homeowners may prefer a double storey design. There are a number of other advantages for double storey homes including:

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