Deciding Whether to Build a Double Storey Home

Our customers here at Dixon Homes have more than 1600 individual home designs to choose from. Based on their needs however, not all home designs may be suited to the block of land and sometimes it’s necessary to build upwards instead of outwards. This is becoming increasingly common, especially in Sydney as the average block size has decreased.

In other circumstances homeowners may prefer a double storey design. There are a number of other advantages for double storey homes including:

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Home Designs in Sydney for Complex Sites

Many builders will turn away from the challenges of building on complex sites, but at Dixon Homes we have a number of solutions to suit all different allotments of land. An unconventional lot can bring extra character and features to the home, that’s why we have the expertise to deliver the right solutions for narrow and sloped blocks, across Sydney and around Australia. We explain more about what’s possible when building new homes on complex sites in this post.

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