Do I Downsize? Why Downsizing may be worth considering

As people go through life, many will typically upsize to bigger, better homes as the dream to live large persists. It is part of the reason why average home sizes in Australia have grown increasingly more spacious over the last 50 years as people live by the rule that bigger is better.

But for those looking at moving home, whether to buy an existing home or build their own, there can be several factors that could make downsizing a very appealing option. For smaller families, couples, or retirees or for anyone who wants to save money, downsizing can make very smart sense. We explain the major benefits in this post.  Continue reading

Granny Flats offer fantastic investment potential

Have you considered building a granny flat with your new home? You may even have enough space of your block to build a granny flat on your existing block to provide additional living space and separate living quarters. Granny flats offer fantastic rental yields while also offering a range of lifestyle benefits. The construction of a fully self contained granny flat with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom facilities can be completed for as little as $85,000 with Dixon Homes. Continue reading