Choosing A New Home Builder In Sydney: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing home builders in Sydney can be overwhelming. What you might not realise at first is that finding a builder to construct your house is very different from a builder who may do odd jobs around your home or a minor renovation. To ensure you choose the right builder for the job, here is a list of 5 commonly made mistakes you can avoid.

1. Do not assume every builder can build a home

Choosing the wrong kind of builder can get you into a whole lot of trouble. Some tradesmen who tackle odd jobs, minor repairs and even basic home extensions may not necessarily be qualified to build a new home. They may not have the appropriate insurance, accreditation or knowledge to construct a house in a way what meets council requirements and government rules and regulations. It is therefore important to make sure you ask the builder about the type of work they generally do, what homes they specialise in and their level of experience.

2. Do not just rely on photos – visit a display home

Every builder will offer you a range of portfolio images that give you a feel for their own unique style, and the designs that they typically build. Whilst photos are useful, don’t take them at face value especially when building a new home is such a large financial outlay. Make time to view display homes, as this will give you an opportunity to get a good feel for the condition of their workmanship and see for yourself the quality of fixtures and fittings used.

3. Do not make assumptions when getting a quote

Some people fail to get comprehensive quotes when discussing the building of their home. It’s just as important to understand the inclusions as well as the exclusions. No matter how exhaustive your list may be, make sure that you do not make assumptions and ask as many questions as you feel you need to. Making assumptions can lead to unexpected additional costs, delays in construction as changes are needed and ultimately it could impact the overall look and feel of your dream home. Understand what happens if you change your mind, too.

4. Do not go for the cheapest quote

It is common to seek out a range of quotes and opt for the least expensive price, but don’t be drawn to the cheapest quote just to save you money. By doing your homework you’ll soon get a feel for the price range of constructions similar to yours and any builder who is attempting to take a shortcut will stand out.

5. Do not forget to ask about your home warranty

It is unfortunate but true that mistakes can happen, even with the most experienced building team on your side. Issues with construction may not come to light straight away but can show up two or three years down the track. It’s critical that you understand what warranty you are being given, what it covers and what you are entitled to. Make sure this is spelt out very clearly in the contract you ultimately sign.

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