Deciding Whether to Build a Double Storey Home

Our customers here at Dixon Homes have more than 1600 individual home designs to choose from. Based on their needs however, not all home designs may be suited to the block of land and sometimes it’s necessary to build upwards instead of outwards. This is becoming increasingly common, especially in Sydney as the average block size has decreased.

In other circumstances homeowners may prefer a double storey design. There are a number of other advantages for double storey homes including:

– Great views can be achieved from second storey. This means living areas and master bedrooms can take advantage of these.

– Leaves more space for backyards, especially on smaller or narrow blocks.

– Can be useful for split-level homes to be integrated into the contours if the land. If the block slopes upwards, often a double storey design can accommodate one large room, a smaller room and a garage on the bottom floor, and the remaining bedrooms and living areas on the first floor.

– Separation of living areas, or the chance to make each floor fully self contained. Great for larger families, those living with grandparents, or teenagers.

 Drawbacks of Double Storey?

Of course there are some realities of double storey homes which may influence some people to stick to single storey. Some potential drawbacks of double storey homes include:

– More expensive to build. It’s a myth however they are double in price. Often the associated costs come from additional work needed in the site preparation and footings. Because they can be built on smaller blocks however, these cheaper blocks can quickly offset the price

– Often less flexibility in designs and where major rooms can be located. In a single storey home, there are more options for where kitchen and bathrooms can be placed.

– Can be more difficult to heat and cool. Ducted air conditioning is more challenging in double storey designs and the top floor may stay warmer and require extra cooling.

– Stairs can make access difficult for those with disabilities and also moving furniture. Double storey and stairs do not suit all groups of buyers and lifestyles.

– Noise can travel between floors and since designs are usually more compact than single storey sound often is more concentrated.

When it comes to the investment potential of a double storey home, there is no hard and fast rule to say that buyers prefer or the other. An exception to this is if you are building in a street with several other double storey homes, or in an inner or middle ring suburb where land values are higher, in which case double storey homes are often preferred by buyers.

With a number of fantastic double storey home designs available to build in Sydney and the surrounding regions, contact the local builders in Sydney at Dixon Homes – Australia’s most recognisable new home builder since 1959. Call us today on 1300 10 10 10.