Effective Ways to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Sydney Home

When it comes time to consider building in Sydney, a new home on a property you already own, one of the hardest aspects to decide upon is the floor plan. You’ve no doubt found the home that looks exactly as you dreamed your new home would, and have plenty of ideas on how you plan to fit it out with décor and furniture, but what layout will work best?

A floor plan is not something to be considered lightly. The way a home is designed and the manner in which it flows is essential to ensuring it functions as it should, that rooms are fit for purpose and that everything works well.

Here are a few effective ways to ensure that the design of your new home suits your lifestyle now, and in the future.

A home to suit you today

The first step to choosing a layout for your new home is to take into account how your house needs to fit your current lifestyle and ask yourself a number of questions:

• How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed?

• Do you like the idea of an open plan living, kitchen and dining area or do you prefer separate zones?

• Is there a need for children to have their own rumpus room?

• Do you have a preference for a single or double-storey home?

• Is there a requirement for an extra spare zone for a guest room, home office or hobby area?

In fact, the list goes on. Remember, though, you don’t need to have the largest home on the block, it simply needs to feel comfortable, allow you to entertain as you desire and really be everything you dreamed your new home would be.

A home to suit you tomorrow

As hard as it is to plan to tomorrow, building a new home that will cater for the future is very important. You may need to accommodate for a growing family, for ageing parents or to host plenty of family gatherings. Sit and think about it for a while. Rushing into a design can mean critical elements are overlooked and future renovations may be a costly exercise that you never get around to completing.

You may be a newly married couple and hope to have children in the future, so planning for an extra room, an outdoor play area and lots of storage could be just what you need. Alternatively, you may have adult children and are hoping to downsize, whilst still incorporating an extra ‘spare’ room for unexpected visitors or to set up your sewing machine like you always hoped you could.

Consider the style of house you plan to build

There are lots of different house designs and plenty of floor plans that work just as well on different size blocks of land. The important element is to think about whether you prefer a single or double-storey home or are you considering building a duplex?

Take into account your property size too. Is your land long and narrow, or perfectly square? Do you face any issues with hills, steep slopes or are you keen on a split-level design? Is your land on a corner and therefore you can possibly accommodate entry points from multiple aspects?

The key is to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, consider your location and your needs and narrow down your options.

Take into account your existing furniture

Whilst you may only be considering how many rooms you need and which direction you want your kitchen window to face, it is also important to consider your furniture choices. It’s always nice to move into a brand-new home and spoil yourself with a few new pieces; however, there is a very good chance that because choosing furniture is such a major investment, you may decide to keep your existing lounge, dining table and bedroom suites for the meantime. It’s then essential that your new floor plan can accommodate them without making rooms feel too small.

Know your budget

As with all aspects of building in Sydney, it is essential that you continue to work within your budget and not get carried away with a home design that you simply cannot afford, even if your land is large enough. In addition to budgeting for the home itself, there is the need to furnish, decorate and get your garden into order so keep enough funds aside.

A floor plan perfect for your surroundings

Do you own property within earshot some of Sydney’s most prized attractions? Do you have the potential to gaze out of your lounge window onto the ocean? The perfect floor plan must take into account not just the features you want inside, but the natural beauty of what is outside too. It may mean a double-storey home is necessary to allow views to be enjoyed. Think about it.

Visit display homes for floor plan ideas

Display homes exist for a reason. They give new home owners the chance to walk around a property, get a feel for the fixtures and fittings and truly imagine themselves living in it. One of the most effective ways to choose the right floor plan is to spend time in a number of showrooms in your area and you’ll soon get an idea of what features you really love and what just does not quite feel right.

There is nothing more exciting than making the decision to build a brand-new home and that’s where the team at Dixon Homes can help. Seeking guidance from design professionals and those with experience is priceless. Not only can you ask plenty of questions, but you will also be provided with lots of options to consider, plenty of ways to save money, and ideas to weigh up that will incorporate energy-efficient features too.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, contact the Dixon Homes team in Sydney today and organise to visit a showroom to take the first step to building your new home .

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