First Home Buyers – Tips To Buying Your First Property In Sydney

There is no denying the fact that housing affordability in Sydney is a growing issue for many first home buyers.  The situation is rather complex and involves many concerns.  There is the fact that young Australians simply cannot afford to purchase a new home in a suburb they dream of calling home.  Then of course there is the need to ensure that the chosen location is not only close to transport but amenities and creature comforts.  Let’s not forget too that some areas within Sydney simply rarely see land become available.  So what options are there for first home buyers looking to buy their first home in Sydney? Here’s one idea that is sure to be considered smart!

 Power in numbers

We all know that two heads are better than one; often the cleverest of ideas come out of nowhere when there is a common goal.  Have you ever considered joining forces with someone else who is in the same boat as you? Pooling resources and funds can actually facilitate the ownership of brand new homes. Yes, two homes.  A dual occupancy.

Building a duplex home in Sydney

Consider this.  Combining deposits generates buying power. Buying power allows you to purchase a property that is ripe for demolishing, at a price that may otherwise have been out of reach.  The valuable land that you own jointly is now prime for development and this is where two brand new homes can be built.

Dixon Homes, Australia’s largest and most trusted new home builder offers over 2000 new home designs to all who seek the dream to move into a new house.  Each design can be customised, varied and tailored to not only suit a pre-determined budget but the size of land, and lifestyle needs.   Opting for a dual occupancy or duplex design gives both parties everything they had ever wished for.

Features of a duplex home

A duplex is a residential property that typically contains two homes, sometimes three, that shares a common, central wall.   Each property is individually owned and managed and, depending on the arrangement, each can ultimately reside on a separate title.

Usually, a body corporate is not required, however it does depend on local council regulations and the amount of common property.

Benefits of building a duplex home in Sydney

As previously highlighted, joining resources and funds allows the initial price of land to be shared.  Affordability is far greater.  The building of a duplex also brings with it a range of financial benefits because the cost of building the property, with a central dividing wall, is more cost efficient than it would be if two separate homes were built.  Because the designs effectively mirror each other there is an ability to take advantage of streamlined designs and the sharing of materials.

The interior of a duplex can be tailored to suit your specific tastes; there is no requirement for each home to have a matching colour scheme, flooring or fittings.

Duplex designs

Dixon Homes offer a large array of duplex designs for all those looking to build in Sydney. At an entry level the DR0220 is valued at $210,884 and offers two properties each with one bedroom, one bathroom and a single lock up garage.   Requiring a lot width of only 26.59sq.m this could be the start you’ve been looking for.

A slightly more expensive option is the DR7206.  This duplex design offers two bedrooms, one bathroom and garage space for one car.  With a living and dining zone open plan as well as a spacious kitchen, this design will cost just over $235,500.  Suitable for a square shaped block of land, it offers 207sq.m of living.

For a more grand design, take a look at the DC7418.   Priced at $324,518, this duplex design offers three bedrooms, three bathrooms as well as a double lock up garage. The master bedroom has a spacious ensuite, as does the second room plus the design offers a very comfortable dining and kitchen zone.    With a separate living area it becomes the perfect home for entertaining, for a growing family and certainly one that you can call home for a long time to come.

In fact the options are almost endless when it comes to building a duplex.  There are not only single storey designs but also double storey homes, plus designs that offer 3 separate homes.

Take your wish list and chat to a Dixon Homes designer and get the ball rolling.

Factors to take into consideration

Of course finding someone who’s willing to pool their funds with you may be the most challenging aspect and it is also worthwhile seeking independent legal advice too, just in case.

Overall though dual occupancy floor plans built by Dixon Homes to meet all local planning guidelines, will provide for multiple benefits to be enjoyed by all parties.

The quality homes will be built with energy efficient features, use an abundance of natural light and cleverly allow for flexible living spaces to suit your modern lifestyle.

If you are looking to buy your first home in Sydney, consider the benefits that you will enjoy by building a brand new house.  Opting for a duplex will give you the best of both worlds and overall save you money in the long run.  There are many advantages to building a new home over moving into an existing property.  When you can pool your funds and take advantage of the First Home Buyers grant, you can be guaranteed to own the keys to an amazing, quality built home sooner than you may have imagined.

Buying a new home in Sydney, is easier than you may have once thought.  And with the Dixon Difference you’ll enjoy more than transparent pricing and customer service second to none.  Take the first step to making your dreams come true and becoming the proud owner of a brand new property that is all yours to own for a lifetime to come.

Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream of buying in Sydney a reality.