How to Find the Right Home

Home hunting can be somewhat of an arduous task – quite often it seems as though the options are limitless, yet none are a perfect fit. There are many factors that constitute an ideal home and to locate such a house, it is essential that buyers take these into account. The simplest and most successful way in which to find the right home is to consult a suitable home builder to either inspect the house and land packages they offer, or have one built to your specifications and standard of quality. Should you wish to pursue this course of action, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind.

What is an ideal location for your new home?

Location is undeniably one of the most important features of any home and can influence buyers more so than almost anything else. Location will govern the affordability, convenience, comfort and investment quality of your home and as such, it ought to be at the forefront of any prospective homeowner’s priorities. Listed below are a number of things to take into consideration when investigating the potential location of your home.

  • Price

Determining the projected value of a house or land in a specific area can be difficult and, more often than not, real estate agents will offer little definitive input on the matter. Consequently, there are two easy and effective options available to you when pricing a potential site. The first of these is to research the listed sale values of houses that have recently sold in the area. This information is available mostly online, so simply searching the internet can often give you a relatively specific range in which you might expect to purchase in any given suburb. Alternatively, for an exact figure you might wish to contact a construction company of your choice and inquire as to the value of their house and land packages. House and land packages are often marketed online and as such, consulting the company directly will give you a conclusive overview of the options available to you.

  • Local amenities and infrastructure

These too, will have a direct impact on the value and capital growth of your prospective property – buying or building in an area with these features could be considered an investment in the future. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that suburbs with the most infrastructural advances have seen some of the most significant increases in property value. As such, it is advisable to investigate any council proposals for future development in your area of choice and doing so can yield interesting results. Furthermore, ultimate consideration ought to be had for your future requirements and the features that will be necessary to fulfil these. For example, it would be prudent of a young family to give thought to the proximity of their home to a school or any other such amenities that they are likely to utilise in the foreseeable future. Accounting for such factors will ensure that you find yourself in the most convenient location both initially and in years to come.

  • Geographical features of the land and area

In accordance with the principles of passive design, houses are seldom built to impose on the surrounding landscape. Rather, they are often designed and constructed to suit the topography and geography of the block of land on which they are positioned. This might not be such an issue if you are seeking a house in a well-established urban estate or another such suburb. It will, however be of significance to homebuyers wishing to construct in an area with perhaps more elevation, slope or vegetation than a standard suburb. This is where consulting a reputable home building company will be of upmost importance as they specialise in the design and production of house and land packages. Companies of this nature will have an intricate knowledge of how best to construct a home in geographically unique settings or which house and land packages already exist in the type of area that suits you. Additionally, they are capable of providing you with a synopsis of environmental factors such as sunlight and prevailing winds and how these can be exploited for their heating and cooling properties. Inquiring as to the best way in which to do so can save you a considerable amount of money in the future – particularly when considering energy bills.

  • Lifestyle needs

Every prospective homebuyer has an individual lifestyle and requirements to match. This is an important factor in selecting the site for your new home and it is one that should not be overlooked. Often, homebuyers are looking to downsize or escape the constraints of inner city living – particularly in the capital cities of Australia. If this is you, then you will likely be seeking a quiet neighbourhood; one that will offer you the serenity and space that was previously unavailable. Alternatively, you might be wishing to purchase a home that caters for the needs of your growing family. Whatever the lifestyle you seek, the best way to determine the most applicable suburb for you is to physically explore your options. It is recommended that you drive or walk through any potential suburbs to experience their ambience. This should be done numerous times for the most conclusive results and it is suggested that you do so at varying times of day and night. This could prove to be the difference between purchasing a house in a somewhat unsafe or unpleasant suburb and purchasing the home of your dreams in a neighbourhood to match.

What are the benefits of purchasing house and land packages?

As mentioned earlier in this guide, house and land packages are a viable alternative to facing the rigmarole inherent in the private home market. Dealing with a home builder will ensure that all dealings are professional and in your best interests, as opposed to the best interests of the vendor. Not only this, but you are guaranteed a home that is built to perfectly compliment the block of land upon which it is constructed. This works concurrently with the modern designs offered by such companies, to create some of the newest, most stylish, affordable and efficient homes on the market.

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