Moving To Sydney With Kids – Key Reasons Your Family Will Thrive Here

You cannot deny that kids who live in Sydney are really able to experience the best of both worlds; culture, theatre, beaches, fun, sun and world-class education. If you are thinking about moving to Sydney to take up a work opportunity or simply to give your family a new start, there is so much to love about this city, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move earlier.

Move to the healthy great outdoors

All parents want their children to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and Sydney offers that and more. Kids can enjoy a great deal of time outside here due to the mild climate, great beaches and plenty of parks and gardens around.

Most suburbs in and around Sydney also have fabulous playgrounds so there is always something they can do and places to meet friends.

Despite being such a busy city, there are lots of opportunities for kids go hiking or bushwalking too. The Royal Botanic Gardens is very popular with families where you can get up close and personal with the flora and fauna.

Cultural diversity

Other than the amazing world-famous attractions that Sydney is so renowned for including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, one of the most interesting aspects to this city that even kids will benefit from, is the cultural diversity.

Sydney is uniquely Australian however approximately 40% of its residents were born overseas. In addition, the range of international visitors who come to work in Sydney bring with them their own uniqueness which children then get a taste of when they meet young friends at school. Then there are all of the food choices made available; Italian in Leichhardt, Vietnamese in Cabramatta, and the list goes on.

It’s an experience that is hard to fault.

Amazing education opportunities

Education opportunities in Sydney are also very hard to fault. There are plenty of day care and preschool centres, as well as local primary schools. Education is offered at private and government schools. It is important to recognise that public schools typically have catchment zones so in order for your child to be accepted; you need to live in the defined area. Choosing a suburb to live in can therefore be dependent on a school you are keen to get your children access to.

Plenty to see and do

Kids will never run out of things to do in Sydney – Australia’s cultural capital! Other than the beautiful beaches in Bondi and Manly, there are plenty of pools and aquatic centres to enjoy, walking and bicycle tracks, skate parks and play centres. Let’s not forget the museums including the Powerhouse Museum, plus Taronga Zoo, the Sydney Aquarium and of course the fun of Luna Park.

As with any main city, Sydney has it all and continues to offer an extensive range of entertainment, education and opportunities for young Australians to partake in.

Real estate options in Sydney

Once you visit Sydney, you’ll realise it is the place for you. You’ll fall in love with the natural beauty, the lifestyle, the culture and realise that it truly is a great place to move to, and raise a family.

Each suburb has its own unique elements and characteristics, and more importantly great community centres for children.

It’s not always easy finding a home in Sydney especially if you’re not use to the real estate market, which is currently enjoying much growth. The best solution is to have a talk to real estate experts who not only understand the suburbs of Sydney but the current market conditions. The team at Dixon Homes has that experience. They are renowned homebuilders, trusted by the locals in Sydney and relied upon for their quality homes.

Depending on the area in Sydney you choose to move to, whether it be central or in the broader outer suburbs of New South Wales, Dixon Homes can offer you the chance to build a brand new home with all the features that will suit you and your family. House and land packages are also an option, so too is the ability to buy off the plan where you can save thousands in stamp duty. With a high demand in Sydney though, it’s worth to be patient and chat to the experts in housing so that you’re definitely getting the best deal possible.

Moving to Sydney really is a long-term opportunity that your family will thrive on. Consider all your options, select a school that suits your needs and move into a brand new home in a friendly suburb where you wont have to spend a cent on repairs and renovations. It really is a good move and a great investment for your future.

Contact Dixon Homes today to discover what they can offer you to make your dream a reality.