New Home Prices in Sydney – Building On A Small Block With a Big View

Land in Sydney is not always your typical shape or size. There are many suburbs where allotments are rather narrow and steeply sloped which can potentially result in difficulty finding the perfect home to build. Many of Sydney’s oldest suburbs weren’t planned, they just kind of “happened” as settlers came. What does that mean for new home prices in Sydney? It means that you need to choose a new home that suits the block. Luckily Dixon Homes have plenty of solutions to offer when building a new home, no matter what land you own or what unconventional features it brings.

Looking to take advantage of a smaller block with big views? Let’s uncover exactly how you can build your dream home, with all of the features you desire with ease.

New homes built on sloped blocks

Living in Sydney can give homeowners plenty to boast about, including amazing views however what’s the best approach to take when you are hoping to build a new home on a steeply sloped block or one that neighbouring cities would consider significantly narrow? That’s easy.

Build a split-level design or two-storey home. What this will give you is the ability to position a double garage on the ground floor, possibly with a utility or laundry room attached, and have the main living areas upstairs, allowing you to take advantage of priceless views in your vicinity.

Dixon Homes offers its FR8510 design priced to start at $273,000 to suit this exact scenario. On a narrow block of 10 m, a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom home can be easily built. Offering 226sq.m of luxury, plus a double lock up garage, you’ll soon see that they can tailor a solution to meet your needs and situation.

Note that new home prices in Sydney can vary depending on access to your new block. If you’re not sure if the block you love is a block you’ll always love, consider talking to us about house and land packages that tick all the boxes.

Building on a narrow Sydney block with sweeping views

Surprisingly enough, owning a lot size of only 9.6m wide does not preclude you from having your dream home. The FC6013 can be yours for just over $270,000. It is cleverly designed with a narrow double car garage and huge storage area downstairs plus there is a quaint alfresco outdoor dining area. Head upstairs to where the sweeping views of Sydney can be enjoyed.

Depending on your location, each of the 4 bedrooms may present themselves with plenty to look at or you can gaze outside from your dining room table. All up, at 284sq.m this is an option well worth pursuing.

Downsizing new home opportunities

If you are downsizing and really don’t need all that extra space, take a look at the Dixon Homes FR2205 or FR2202 designs. Both offer 139sq.m of internal space, 2 bedrooms, or 1 plus study and a double garage. Even without two cars, this offers you plenty of space for storage, to hang bikes or set up a workbench.

Starting at $181,738 for the FF2205 and just over $187,000 for the FF2202, you’ll be able to take advantage of relatively narrow blocks, but still enjoy the comfort and luxury that you seek in a brand new home.

New home designs to suit your individual needs

Whether you are building your first home and taking advantage of the first home buyer’s grant, building a new family home to cater for your growing needs or looking to re-build a property as an investment, Dixon Homes can ensure all your boxes are ticked.

With over 2000 new home designs available to consider plus hundreds of variations on offer, there is no reason why everything you’ve ever dreamt of having in a new home is not realised. And with new home prices in Sydney so affordable, the time is right to take the first step and enquire.

The property market in Sydney is booming too, so as the owner of land in the area, it’s wise to take advantage of the market and solidify your presence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Whether you are after a split level home, two storey design or prefer the simplicity of having all of your living zones on one level, take a look at the new home designs on offer and pay a visit to any number of display homes in your area to see what’s on offer.

Building your own home can be daunting but it needn’t be. With guaranteed upfront pricing, and transparent costs, you’ll be ahead of the game and know exactly what is the state of play is at all times. Enjoy all of the luxury of a new home, with energy efficient features and quality fixtures without the large price tag. New home prices in Sydney can be staggering but not if you choose Dixon Homes.

For more details on what Dixon Homes has on offer, get in touch with them and start the process to building your brand new home. The future is exciting.

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