And the winner is – Sydney!

Most Sydney-siders will tell you there is nowhere else in the world they would rather live.  While Canberra boasts the title of the capital of Australia, many would argue that Sydney is the centre of the Australian universe.  Sydney, the harbour city, is truly magnificent to behold from the right vantage point.  From Bondi Beach to the Opera House, we all have our own images that come to mind when we think of the New South Wales capital.  But how about living here?  Moreover, how about building a new home here, either off the plan or from a house and land package provider?  Let’s see what you’ve got ahead of you if you decide to make the big move to the big smoke.

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What goes into a ‘sustainable’ home?

Those in the building industry are not the only ones who have heard about ‘sustainable buildings.’ It’s a building trend that’s here to stay and one that is dictating how new homes are built. That’s why all of Dixon Homes designs meet the 6 star energy rating helping to minimise our impact on the environment which also offers our customers ongoing savings on their home operating costs.

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Affordability Advice: What Will You Sacrifice?

We regularly get sold the idea we can have it all but usually this isn’t the reality for first home buyers – or for those building or buying a home in general. Making some sacrifices or tradeoffs is a common part of buying an affordable property, and those who build a home will tell you the same thing. While its understandable you’d want everything to be perfect with your new home, nearly all buyers will make some kind of sacrifices to get there. Continue reading

5 Frequently Asked Questions from First Home Buyers

As one of Australia’s most recognisable new home builders, Dixon Homes offer exceptional value for money and quality new homes at prices that are attractive and affordable for first home buyers. We understand that the process of buying a home can be daunting however taking the property plunge will ultimately help you secure your future. There are many questions first home buyers have and below are some of the most common asked by home buyers when it comes to buying, building or financing their new home. Continue reading

Deciding Whether to Build a Double Storey Home

Our customers here at Dixon Homes have more than 1600 individual home designs to choose from. Based on their needs however, not all home designs may be suited to the block of land and sometimes it’s necessary to build upwards instead of outwards. This is becoming increasingly common, especially in Sydney as the average block size has decreased.

In other circumstances homeowners may prefer a double storey design. There are a number of other advantages for double storey homes including:

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How to find the best broker – 8 Tips to find new home finance

There is no doubt that comparing loans against one another can be difficult with the true cost of the loan often being hidden among enticing benefits, or other incentives. With mortgage brokers working for both you, and their commissions, it’s hard to know if the deal is best for them or you. There is a lot to consider when finding the home loan that is right for you, and Dixon Homes explain more in this post.  Continue reading

Home Designs in Sydney for Complex Sites

Many builders will turn away from the challenges of building on complex sites, but at Dixon Homes we have a number of solutions to suit all different allotments of land. An unconventional lot can bring extra character and features to the home, that’s why we have the expertise to deliver the right solutions for narrow and sloped blocks, across Sydney and around Australia. We explain more about what’s possible when building new homes on complex sites in this post.

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New Homes vs Existing Homes – What to consider

Buying a home is the biggest purchasing decision most of us ever make. And it’s not just to deciding to buy, it’s all the sub decisions you have in the home buying process. One of the first of these is whether to buy new or buy an existing home. There are benefits to each, and if you want to live close to the city or in heritage suburb it may be easier to buy an existing home and renovate, or depending on your budget, to demolish and build the home you’ve always wanted. Continue reading

Do I Downsize? Why Downsizing may be worth considering

As people go through life, many will typically upsize to bigger, better homes as the dream to live large persists. It is part of the reason why average home sizes in Australia have grown increasingly more spacious over the last 50 years as people live by the rule that bigger is better.

But for those looking at moving home, whether to buy an existing home or build their own, there can be several factors that could make downsizing a very appealing option. For smaller families, couples, or retirees or for anyone who wants to save money, downsizing can make very smart sense. We explain the major benefits in this post.  Continue reading

Granny Flats offer fantastic investment potential

Have you considered building a granny flat with your new home? You may even have enough space of your block to build a granny flat on your existing block to provide additional living space and separate living quarters. Granny flats offer fantastic rental yields while also offering a range of lifestyle benefits. The construction of a fully self contained granny flat with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom facilities can be completed for as little as $85,000 with Dixon Homes. Continue reading