Do I Downsize? Why Downsizing may be worth considering

As people go through life, many will typically upsize to bigger, better homes as the dream to live large persists. It is part of the reason why average home sizes in Australia have grown increasingly more spacious over the last 50 years as people live by the rule that bigger is better.

But for those looking at moving home, whether to buy an existing home or build their own, there can be several factors that could make downsizing a very appealing option. For smaller families, couples, or retirees or for anyone who wants to save money, downsizing can make very smart sense. We explain the major benefits in this post. 

1.     Significant Cost Reductions

Probably the most motivating and powerful reason to downsize for many buyers are the significant savings that are made. Downsizing to a smaller home can allow buyers to purchase dwellings in ‘lifestyle locations’ that may have previously been out of reach if they were still looking for a 4 bedroom home on a large block. But the savings won’t just stop at the cost of buying a smaller home. A smaller home is cheaper to furnish and fill and will also be much cheaper to heat and cool.

2.     Less Upkeep and Maintenance

Smaller and compact living means less cleaning, and less maintenance costs. As people with a large block of land and big home will attest to, it can cost a lot of money and time to keep a large family home maintained. Less outdoor upkeep, fewer windows, less roofing and less surfaces in general will mean that you have more time to spend on the things that matter including spending time with your family and friends.

3.     Smaller Homes Allow Lifestyle Living

The savings that you can access from building or buying a smaller home often allow buyers to afford to buy in areas that are closer to where all the action is. This could mean coastal living or inner city living, depending on preferences and can allow the kind of lifestyle that you’ve long dreamed of. Forget commutes – living in a neighbourhood that has everything at your fingertips is more easily achieved when downsizing.

4.     Can signal the start of a new chapter and new priorities

It would be remiss to not mention that downsizing will mean having to make some sacrifices in some of the features your home can include. But this change of priorities in your living style can be very liberating. People who downsize often feel the new home represents a new chapter, either as singles, empty nesters or the pursuit of a different lifestyle. If space is used well and a good home design chosen, there’s so much that can still be achieved with a smaller space. Just ask the Japanese! They’ve been finding some of the most creative and clever ways to make use of storage, and multi-function rooms.

There are so many clear benefits to living a cosier life, and here at Dixon Homes Sydney we have a number of builds for all preferences of buyers – including those who are looking to downsize. To find out more about how we can help you build the home of  your dreams which represents a new chapter in life, call Australia’s most recognisable builders on 1300 10 10 10 today.