Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces – Building In Sydney

Home is where the heart is. Whether you are building a large spacious house or a quaint small brand new home in Sydney, what’s most important is that you design your house to best suit your tastes, your lifestyle and your budget.

With plenty of exciting new design elements just made for smaller spaces, your smaller home can be built in such a way that space never becomes an issue. There are plenty of decorating tips and floor plan ideas well worth considering when you are building on a small scale.

Here are our top smart design ideas for small spaces.

Open plan living

When space is limited, opting for a floor plan with lots of individual rooms can actually take away the feeling of opulence. After all, walls take up space.

When you are working alongside Dixon Homes, Australia’s largest new home builder, you can be confident that experienced designers will work with you to best capitalise on your available land, and work with your finances in mind, as well as your wish list, to design a home you truly love.

Consider incorporating a long room into your home that allows for open plan living. To break down the space into separate zones, consider using key pieces of furniture to help define each area.

One other design trick worth introducing is the use of mirrors. Placing a large mirror at either end of the room will not only reflect light but also give the illusion of more space. It’s a great idea that can achieve fabulous results.

Lots of natural light

There’s nothing more appealing than a home filled with an abundance of natural light. It provides warmth in winter, reduces the need to rely on electricity and actually helps to open up a room. Whether your floor plan incorporates a mixture of full-length glass panels, sliding doors or bi-folds, the more ways in which you can opt for glass over a plain wall, the better. And when you are limited on space, giving yourself, and your guests the opportunity to see outside from all angles in your home, is a great design tip well worth looking into.

Dual purpose rooms and furniture

We’ve touched on the benefits that open plan living can provide. Taking this concept a step further is an idea that incorporates multi-functional rooms into your home.

Dual purpose!

And this goes for furniture choices too, believe it or not.

When purchasing items to suit a dual-purpose room, consider how they can work in more than one way. Can your sofa turn into a comfy guest bed? Can your ottoman not only provide for additional seating but also function as a storage unit too? Can your kitchen table extend and allow for larger family gatherings?

And then there’s the option of considering furniture that is mobile; items that can be moved around the home when needed elsewhere. Pieces that don’t just look the goods but also work in multiple ways.

Scale is the key so when shopping for furniture or key pieces to suit your dual purpose rooms, consider how they may have more than one life. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities they present and the money you’ll save in the long run. Remember, less is more.

Use wall space – go vertical

Another key design feature to think about is how to best make use of your available walls. Going vertical gives you the potential to use untapped space.

Opt for floating shelves and limit the amount of storage space taken up on the floor itself. Consider taller, not wider, bookshelves. Hanging baskets and wall cubes are fabulous alternatives to standard pot plants too. There is a fine line between overdoing it and keeping things simple so take your time when allocating accessories and features to your walls. Cluttered walls full of things can give an unwanted closed-in feel.

Limit your paint colour palate

When you keep the colour scheme in your home seamless, the eye is not distracted and sees one continuous colour flowing right throughout a small home. Neutral shades are commonly used to open up a small space and this is key.

Keep your use of pops of colour to accents in furnishings, décor and flowers. You’ll find that the result is not only a more spacious feel, but your home will be easier to freshen up overtime as it will just need a new throw, some trendy cushions or a bright rug. No new painting required.

Small spaces should remain uncluttered

It goes without saying that when your home is small, you cannot afford to have things everywhere and anywhere. It’s also unrealistic to assume that your home will be in pristine order every day. The trick to an uncluttered space is to keep things simple.

As mentioned above, simple décor and colour schemes are just the start. Consider too how you limit the use of kitchen benchtops for appliances. Minimise trinkets. Look for stand out key pieces of furniture and don’t buy everything you see when shopping. Take the time to live in your home and get a feel for what you really need.

Extend rooms outside

One of the most popular design features with many of Dixon Homes’ new home designs is the ability to bring the outside in. Extending the living, family and kitchen zones outside by way of an alfresco patio basically gives the home an extra room.
There’s nothing better than being able to spill outside on a balmy evening and continue entertaining. There are plenty of designs available which incorporate an alfresco area so chat to the design team and they will advise you which new home design is best suited for your land size and location.

When you are building a new home in Sydney, on a block of land that feels rather limiting, think again. Not only are there hundreds of new home designs perfectly suited for small land, but just as many design tips to allow you to make the most of your home.

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