What goes into a ‘sustainable’ home?

Those in the building industry are not the only ones who have heard about ‘sustainable buildings.’ It’s a building trend that’s here to stay and one that is dictating how new homes are built. That’s why all of Dixon Homes designs meet the 6 star energy rating helping to minimise our impact on the environment which also offers our customers ongoing savings on their home operating costs.

Here’s how we build these homes, including the range of the sustainable materials and products which can be used for their environmental and energy efficiency benefits.

1.     Plantation grown timber. From strict forestry agreements, we used timber from plantations that are renewable since timber will always have uses in the building industry. We use species that are able to be replenished more quickly and make a conscious effort to reduce waste.

2.     Steel Framing – Recycled steel has been heated down from other products including demolished buildings. It’s then rolled into roofing, frames and beams which can be used to erect the home’s frame. Steel is also incredibly strong, termite resistant and can be recycled again at the end of it’s useful life.

3.     Energy Efficient Insulation – Insulation works two-fold, helping to reduce the amount of artificial heating and cooling (i.e heaters and air conditoners) but also new energy efficient insulation can be sourced with components of recycled fibres including cotton, paper and wool.

4.     Solar Reflective Windows – New window glazes allow the majority of heat to be blocked instead of being transferred into the home. Doubled glazing, coatings and reflective glass can all be used to reduce running of the air conditioner and keep the home cooler.

5.     Recycled and Energy Efficient Flooring – Recycled composite flooring including laminate, cork and even carpets made from recycled plastic bottles are all possibilities since not only are they made from recycled materials, the amount of energy used in their creation is also managed. Bamboo is increasingly popular and as one of the world’s fasted growing plants from purpose grown plantations makes it very sustainable.

These are just a few of the many ‘green’ building materials we can use designed with the future sustainability in mind. People building in the future can only expect to see more sustainable and energy efficient features in their new homes. To find out more about building a new energy efficient home with our award winning builders in Sydney, call today on 1300 10 10 10.