Keratin Hair Extension Information

Keratin hair extensions have become very popular around the country. Extensions are usually used in conjunction with natural human hair; however, some keratin hair extension manufacturers are making synthetic extensions that are virtually indistinguishable from human hair. Regardless of what kind of hair you have, keratin hair extensions will add a new, stunning look to your hair. Read more

Keratin Glue Or Micro Rings For Hair Extension

Whether you choose extensions that are made from natural human hair, synthetic or a combination of both, you want to be sure to purchase the best quality that you can afford. Extensions are often sewn into the scalp using special sewing techniques, and this method can cause damage to the extensions. Therefore, when buying your extensions, be sure to purchase ones that are made from 100% natural human hair. You can also purchase them from a reputable salon that specializes in keratin hair extension applications.

The first thing to consider when purchasing any type of extension is the quality of the product. Be sure to ask the retailer whether they sell the best quality extension cords available, and also inquire about a certificate of authentication that the manufacturer provides with each shipment. In addition to being sure the extension cords are Genuine Keratin, it is also important to purchase an extension that matches your natural hair color exactly. Keep in mind, extensions are only visible if the extensions match the color of your natural hair exactly. Remember, extensions can be a great way to dramatically change the way your hair looks, so make sure that you only purchase the best quality extension cords that you can afford.